Dignity for Children Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that provides holistic care and education for urban poor children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our work began in 1998 to meet the needs of the urban poor community in Sentul where gangsterism, drug usage, illiteracy and poverty was rife. Since beginning, we have been privileged to serve over 10,000 children from disadvantaged, refugee and migrant communities from over 18 different countries. Annually, our learning centre takes in 1,800 children and youth aged 1-18 years.

Other than operating education programmes in Sentul Kuala Lumpur, Dignity also supports other community schools working with poor children in South East Asia through its community-school start-up and teachers’ training programmes. As of June 2019, Dignity for Children Foundation operates five transformational enterprises: eat X dignity, cut X dignity and sew X dignity, art X dignity, wellness X dignity. What are Transformational Enterprises? They are local businesses where real-life training takes place for youth so that they develop life skills, employability skills and character. Consider these enterprises as shop-schools, living classrooms that draw inspiration from the time-honored tradition of apprenticeships in a modern world. These enterprises are part of Dignity’s Urban Youth Education Village model that brings together the best of academic learning and hands-on, real-world experiences for a vibrant education that meets the needs of each youth while serving the neighboring community. More about Dignity: www.dignityforchildren.org